Aaron Bansie

Arron Leonard Bansie was born on the 24th February 1970 in Park Royal Hospital to the joy of his beloved mother, Faylyn Watson and his father, Earl Bansie who sadly passed away in 1989. Arron went to both Salusbury Primary and Brondesbury & Kilburn High School, where he became a model student, and his unique academic and creative abilities became more noticeable. Arron had a strong passion for mathematics and a natural affinity for music and creative arts. Arron left school and went on to study, achieving numerous qualifications, in Art, English, Social Studies, Web Design, PC Networking and Repairs and then a B.A. (Hons) in Media Communications and Design. Whilst Arron clearly had a thirst for academic achievement, there was no denying his love and passion for creative arts. Arron loved music and played various instruments, including the bass guitar and keyboard. Arron also had a fantastic imagination and used his creativity to develop his love of Art and Photography. He gained so much inspiration from travelling across the world and had many memorable experiences,

particularly in, Spain, Egypt and Israel, before deciding to settle in Bordeaux, France for 8-years with his partner Isobella. In 2001, Arron returned to the UK and worked for a short period in Marketing and then with Royal Mail, until he gave into his burning desire and passion to work in the film industry and produce films. Through sheer determination and focus, Arron became part of the production team with Sankofa Films, producing two short films – “Ruby Slippers” and “Jack in London”. Following the success of these films, Arron went on to assist in the production and finalising of “Dennis the Menace” with the BBC and Convergence Productions.

He was then invited to be the Marbella International Film Festival, as assistant producer and even gained a short stint as the first assistant director for another production. With increasing notoriety, Arron was invited to Hollywood to network where he met Hollywood A Lister, William Shatner. So inspired by these experiences and his own desire to direct films, Arron began writing his own film script – “Moonlight Kartel”.

Arron’s other passion was music. He loved playing the bass guitar and would often go around performing with a variety of bands and fellow artists. Arron even acquired a few magazine reviews, but being the reserved and modest man that he was, Arron felt he was too shy to perform live and instead chose to play privately with close family and friends. His talents didn’t stop there. Arron also loved to draw, design, paint and write poetry and although he didn’t have children of his own, when surrounded by his nieces and nephews, he had a natural ability to connect with them, and respond willingly to countless requests for him to draw pictures, ranging from Spiderman to baby Jesus in a manger.

Arron was the middle child, and as a result, he was always in the middle of everything, but careful enough not to get into trouble. As a child and growing up, Arron was so smart that he avoided getting beaten by mum, but would be there laughing and sniggering when we got licks!   We often referred to him as the “Golden Child” – because HE was just that. Smart, funny and a practical joker with a wicked sense of humour, who would tease you relentlessly. Arron was a phenomenal but yet humble gentleman, who dedicated his life to creative arts and had multiple raw talents. He will be greatly missed by us all.

May his soul rest in Eternal Peace

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