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Touching words of the founder . . .

For most people death is the last chapter and verse of their life. Unfortunately for me things planned out slightly back to front.

At the age of 7 months i lost my mother which left me rather intrigued about the sort of woman she was.

Her loss encouraged me to pay keen attention to the way death was dealt with. One of the things i had noticed which really frustrated me, was the way people would pull out all the bells and whistles for a wedding and then send their loved ones off with cheap black and white photocopied paper, with very little thought.

This constant re-occurence of neglect towards the ones we say we love, drove me to become frustrated and concerned.

I asked myself was this the way my mother was sent off, and if so im adamant to make a change.

This frustration became passion and led me to seek a cost effective way of glamourising the way we send off the people that mean soo much to us.

Every sweat, every tear, every minute of the years it took me to create this product i dedicate to the one that means soo much to me . . .

Sharon Delrose Patricia Whittick
(Mother of Jason, Charmaine and Taurean)

I’d also like to say thank you to Patsy Prawl, Jennifer Goodin and Joanne Abrahams the mothers that were handed over the baton and raised me into the man I am today, enabling me to deliver this product and service to the public.

Without yourselves and God, Memories Order Of Service Booklets would never have been possible.

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We aim to ensure your journey with
Memories Order Of Service Booklets is a cherished one.

At Memories we are committed to helping people select the ideal funeral order of service booklet
which truly reflects the life of an individual

We offer a wide range of funeral order of service booklets that are classy, great value for money and quite unique within their own right. We also stock a variety of colours for every theme for you and the family to choose from. We say theme because we have recognised that the more traditional funeral has somewhat changed and have been able to add class to what once was a rather bland product.

Being aware that death is always difficult to come to terms with and more often than not hits us quite suddenly, we make it our priority to offer fast turnarounds to ease the added burden of pressure. It is our objective to help each family give their loved ones a unique classy send off with an elegant keepsake that will never be forgotten whilst maintaining affordability.



Orders are usually processed within 3-5 working days for standard booklets and 7-10 days for premium booklets after payment has been received which can be done by card, PayPal  or bank transfer, if you prefer the latter then simply select the “pay by BACS option” at checkout. 

For an additional 50% of the cost, orders can be dispatched within 24hrs.


A first draft is emailed or sent via WhatsApp within 24-48 hours. After you’ve viewed it, you let us know if you’d like us to make any adjustments to the content. We will then make the requested changes and send you a second draft. Again, you’ll let us know if you’d like further changes (if any). At this stage We then send you the final proof. We allow for two sets of changes; if you require more than this, there will be additional charges..

*We ask that you thoroughly check all details such as spelling, names and dates, addresses etc. before printing.


Once you’ve approved the final proof,  we then place your order in the que for production.

*Please note if your service booklet pages exceed the 12 page allowance you will be charged 20p for each additional page
(not applicable to standard booklets).


It is important to note that ALL deliveries will be made via a secure/signed for delivery service. This is for safety and security reasons as your Stationery will contain sensitive personal information such as names, occasion date and location. This may also indicate that your home address will be vacant on a specific day

*Please refer to our delivery coverage diagram below.