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Wind blows and pierces my lonesome heart,

Where you resided once within—

Now a hole dwells, where it used to be that part,

And lolls your essence, always, herein…

Arid leaves crave for your dainty feet’s blows,

Where our love blossomed years ago These lips long for your tender brows,

I, now, ask my heart— where I should go?

Summers will now remind me of your laughter

And how you embraced me in your special ways; Snow freezes my soul now— what a disaster!

Chilly nights now will be forlorn, always…

Steps I have to take alone, down the lane,

My shadow has disappeared from my life; I am now in indefinable and excruciating pain,

Charm has vanished, forever, and it cuts like a knife!

With time, years have vanished

But reminiscences are eternal,

Surge of tears is tarnished,

But my love, like my love, your soul is immortal!


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