Carena Celene Ellington

Sunrise: 24/09/1984 | Sunset: 01/03/2015 | Aged 30.

We are here today to celebrate the life of Carena, or CC as she was known to her friends. Carena was born in Lancashire on Sept 24th 1984 to Yvonne and Tim, in 1996 the family moved to London, it was here she met her friends, her husband and had her 2 children,When Carena was a young child, she would constantly talk and ask questions like what’s this, even when you answered, her response would be but why. We soon learned that the only way to stop this was to give her a Walkman, put the earphones in, and let her listen to the songs, this was the start of her love and knowledge of music, it also done the trick.

She loved good music and her taste never really changed, but her true love was 90s R&B, Carena used to go into the bedroom and zone out listening to it, this gave her brothers a bit of peace, but carena would of said it was her getting peace from them. Another passion was trainers and doing the laces up a specific way, she would also make sure her brothers dress sense passed her inspection, before they was allowed to leave the house. If it didn’t then they had to change. In her teens Carena was a lover of sport well basketball to be precise,she would play this all the time, and was very good at it, she even played for the local borough.

On leaving school Carena had a few jobs and was a very hard worker, when she was 18 she met her husband to be, he must of been special to get Carenas heart, because she would not of made it very easy for him, in fact I’d say he has to thank ginuwine as his music CD is what brought them together. Eventually they married and had two beautiful children together Kieshan and Kailani.

Everybody here today will know what I mean when I say how genuine Carena was, she had the most beautiful smile that would light up your heart, her laugh was contagious, when Carena laughed we all laughed, but you cross her and she would tell you exactly what she thought, she could not hold a grudge but sometimes wished she could, and as for that cut eye look well need I say anymore.

One thing recently that made Carena very happy was when the children went to Jamaica with their daddy to visit their family, nothing made her laugh louder than when her children tried to talk Jamaican like WAH GWAAN and they replied MI DEH YAH.She fell in love with the Jamaican food like Ackeey and salt fish, she even got her friends into eating this. She also loved the good reggae music, and let’s not forget that Carena too went to Jamaica to meet her family who are also mourning her loss.

Carena was a loving daughter, sister, mummy, wife, auntie, cousin and friend but sadly on the 1st March she was taken far too soon, and I’m sure that she will be looking down on us all and be very grateful that everyone has taken the time and trouble to turn up and pay their respects. She asked for little but really appreciated anything that family and friends did for her. She will be greatly missed.

May she rest in peace

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