/Flown Away
Flown Away 2018-03-07T11:36:42+00:00


I endure anticipation and inquisitiveness

Within my lonely heart and helpless soul— …and tears were filled with ecstasy, that day When god sent you to this world!

Your allure has forever made us sentient,

And you had a thousand angels’ smile, How you crawled and jumped,

Those days, can I forget? No, never!

That struggle to gather words,

And restiveness to grow fast;

How you played every day,

My child, I remember that all…

Dirt on little clothes,

Your innocence and trepidation— How you convinced me for

Your little mistakes— oh my child!

Time has wings, it flew away,

And took you far from me— My child, your innocence will stay

Within my mind, the way you will be!


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