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Fettered with importunate sentiments,

Old days pull me back by my hair, And thrust me towards vicious flames

As I smolder in those frozen moments!

Contemplation slits my subliminal mind,

And reminds me of your impish smile;

Cavernous trenches that we did dig are filled with my tears… Fragrance of flowers, which danced with us Now lay around you— all insensate!

You have made our world dance,

To your elated tunes— And I have clapped and esteemed

Every little thing that we have done!

Only reminiscences preoccupy now,

As your tune is lost somewhere,

But in my mind, I have saved it,

Which invigorates my soul every time!

I know nothing about tomorrow,

As you are not here today,

But will shortly join your incessant realm, My friend… but let me finish some things That we both have started some day!


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