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Arranging The Funeral.

We advise that you do not to make final funeral arrangements until you are certain, that you do not have to report the death to the coroner. This may affect the date of which the funeral will could be held.

If you are arranging the funeral, you are responsible for paying the bill. So check first where the finance will come from and if there will be enough to cover all the funeral costs.

There are some laws in place that stipulate what to do after someone has died. Their death will need to be registered and the body will need to be properly taken care of by either burial or cremation. Please refer to the  Funeral Payments section for more information.

Determine whether there is a will, as this may give more details of what the person wished for their personal funeral arrangements.

Should you need to arrange a burial/cremation or funeral service in line with a particular religion, you can get advice from a minister of that religion or from the religious organisation that the person who died belonged to.