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In order for the deceased to be buried, you must have a signed Medical Certificate by a doctor. Once this is done, it then handed over to the Registrar of Births and Deaths who retain this document, then issue the certificate for the deceased burial.

It it important for the person/persons responsible for planning the funeral, to find out whether the deceased had made arrangements for a grave space in a churchyard or cemetery, by looking over their will and their papers. If so there will be a ‘deed of grant’ which confirms that a grave space has been paid for and reserved in a cemetery. A large number of cemeteries are open to all faiths and religions, meaning that you will be able have most types of services or ceremonies. These large number of cemeteries are owned by local councils or private companies, and their fees vary. Please keep in mind that there are some cemeteries and churchyards that have reached full capacity and no longer have spaces for new graves.

If you wish for  the burial to be in a churchyard, you can ask the priest or minister whether there any spaces and who has the right to be buried there.