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Funeral Plans

If you where lucky enough to take out one of our award winning funeral plans, then sit back and allow memories to sort out your funeral payments.


There may be pensions or lump sums payable by a trade union, professional body or other association, or from a provident club which will pay out the benefit when a member dies.

If the person received benefit before they died, there may be some of that benefit that is  still due. When you inform Department for Work and Pensions about the person’s death, request that a form is sent, which you can use to claim any money owed.

If you are the executor, you will receive the money due to be paid. If there is no executor but you are paying for the funeral, you will be able to claim up to the amount of the funeral costs.

Life Insurance.

If the deceased took out life insurance policy and dies before a certain age, they will pay out a lump sum of their cover. The lump sum is usually paid out after the will has been dealt with, but the insurance company may pay out some of the money when they have proof that the person has died.


Other Help.

The hospital may help to arrange the funeral of someone who dies in hospital if they are not able to trace the person’s relatives, or if their relatives can’t afford to pay for the funeral. The hospital may make a claim on the deceased person’s estate to pay for the funeral.

If the person has not died in hospital and there is no one who can take responsibility for the funeral, the local council have a duty to bury or cremate someone if no other arrangements have been made. If they have a reason to think that the person who died did not want to be cremated, then they will not arrange a cremation. They may make a claim on the person’s estate to pay for the funeral. Contact your council for more information.