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Budding winter is melting

Deep down my frozen soul,

Which craves for yours as I

Stand helpless and restless!

You have crushed my heart by leaving me all alone,

And now it finds no peace in its countless pieces—

Lethargic feelings yield incessantly,

Where you have smiled cheerfully, during those days…

Loved me like no other,

You have taught me everything;

And have held my trembling body

And taught me how to walk and run

A master, philosopher, teacher and a parent you were—

The genius that my mind will always miss and remember;

You have blown away my life’s intricate paths,

And now you have left me here, all alone

You have waited for my return, back home

For hours, and in those lonely hours—

Now here I stand, with your cold body,

And now I have no one to wait back home!


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