/Inexpressible Grief
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Incarcerated in my own prison—

My soul, now is chained with forlorn heart,

Every moment digs past and agonizes present; I smell that fragrance whenever I breathe!

Old letters with lip-marks scream

With faded words, feebly and dolefully; Cold breeze now cuts through my face, Unlike yesterday when we did enjoy!

Silent tears now freeze with my cold blood,

As heart yearns for your body’s heat;

Meadows afar now seem cheerless

As your footprints will never be there…

Mystique aura has morphed into eccentricity,

Illusions and delusions are only solutions, As veracity seems futile — to this existence, And now, cannot leave or live!

Hysterical sensations now besiege my psyche,

And the surge of murkiness lingers beneath My obscured realms, and there is no turning back, I know baby, there is no coming back!


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