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It was time when sky showered

Its blissful and joyful tears, And the sky was covered with

Dark clouds, when you embraced me!

Your lips whispered in my ears— ‘I love you, and will always be there,

Forever, no matter what will occur’— But now what happened to your promise?

I miss that head on my chest,

Helpless fingers crave for your hair,

Where they rolled through;

Tormented chest can still feel your heart,

Arid lips still can feel your tender and sweet lips…

Your warmth in those cold nights,

Will now be lonely and haunted

By painful memories, those once were sweet; No more can these tears take pain, my heart,

No more can my soul stay in my body, my love!

Now, you are in beautiful celestial gardens,

Swinging with angels with marvelous laughter;

Look down, you should not, never into my eyes—

Baby, I will live and survive

With the love that you have left for me inside!


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