Natalie Simone Wilson

Sunrise: 31.05.1980 | Sunset: 26.03.2015

Natalie Simone Wilson was born on Saturday 31 May 1980 to Mother Pauline and Father Keith and 2 siblings, Michelle and Anthony both older….. A little!

Her character from a child was independent, loving, comical and fiercely loyal. We had self designated roles as children I was in charge! My brother got up to mischief…. All of the time! and Nat was the disciplinarian, making sure Ant didn’t step out of line too often. But we have always been close. Being the youngest of three Nat grew up fast, she was always coming to meet me when I was out or tag along to all-dayer. Throughout school Nat did well enough but she enjoyed the freedom of college. As soon as she could she was working whilst studying , weekend jobs, evening jobs supermarkets even McDonalds but that lasted a week. She then worked in the bank where she did very well. Her last position saw her managing a children’s centre. A role that she enjoyed… Most of the time, let’s keep it real.

Nats greatest and biggest achievement was without doubt the 2 beautiful girls that she has, her babies… She absolutely adores them. Tiarny-D’caria and Tenasia you were your mums world, the reason that she worked so very hard.The moment Tiarny was on her way, Nat was making plans for the wonderful future that they would have.

Tiarny wanted for nothing. Nat being the youngest had beat both myself and brother to give our parents their first grandchild, actually thinking of it Nat did nearly everything at speed like she had known there was a lot to fit into her life.

Nearly four years later we welcomed her second daughter into the world Tenasia, their team was now complete and they grew together. Nat equipped them with life skills, experiences and unconditional love. Laughter was always part of the experience with Nat and positivity.

Her faith grew and she never turned from The Lord no matter what situation was given to her. Even in the last months of Nats life she was inspiring, strengthening and focusing people to their faith. Her external beauty was nothing compared to that from within, from the heart….. And we all know Nat was a stunning lady. She loves fashion, accessories,hair make up and of course shoes and hand bags, she definitely was a girly girl with a tough edge, you messed with her and you would get it. Nat aimed for a peaceful life surrounded by people who loved her.

As sisters we just couldn’t be any closer, I always looked out for Nat and she always looked out for me. We spoke for hours every day then could meet up and still talk all evening. We are best friends as well as sisters and I am so blessed that I can call her that. Sometimes I’d arrive at hers or she to me and we would be in the same outfit, or I would be calling her and she would be face timing me. I never had to walk anything alone because she was always by my side, and I never had to doubt her love for me. We would go out and dare each other to do crazy things like walk around a supermarket in strange glasses with a straight face or just to smile hard at a cashier, sounds daft but we would laugh all day about it. To explain the relationship in words is impossible but in my sister I had everything I could possibly need and more. How I carry on I don’t know but in the memory of my sister I will do you proud Nat.

When you think of Nat think of love, laughter and faith

She fought hard to survive, even when she could hardly move she would reach out to hug or kiss us. Her life wasn’t the easiest but she did it with a smile and as she passed onto heaven we were given a last smile from her.

Nat you know my love for you was beyond human measure, you once described it as a spiritual love we have and I agree it is eternal.

Nat was THE best daughter, sister, mother, aunty, cousin & friend.

God Bless her soul

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