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Time for You to Sleep 2018-03-07T11:36:46+00:00


Unfortunate hour arrived and you had to go,

God needed another divine soul and he chose you

To add beauty in his Eden garden with incredible glow— Your beautiful eyes are at rest, in angels’ arms!

You were the strength and the epitome of valor,

I felt safe when I slept in your lap,

Reassurance kissed my forehead whenever you touched it,

Your fingers tinkled my stomach as I laughed…

It is hard for me to hold my tears back,

And to see you like this in angels’ arms;

The beauty of your smile, my mother, still is visible

Even when your eyes can never open…

Come to me now…let me sing mellifluous lullaby,

The way you sang when I was a child,

Come sweet mother, come to me… Now, it is time for you to sleep!


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