Veta Heleria Trumpet

Veta Heleria Trumpet was born on 12th April 1939 and was one of seven children to the late James and Naomi Allick of Questelles, St Vincent and the Grenadines. Veta came to England in 1959 to live with her brother Walford in Battersea in London, she later moved to High Wycombe to be closer to other members of her family and friends. It was soon after this that she met her Prince Randolph Trumpet, known as Dalph.  They met at a dance in High Wycombe in 1960 and Dalph’s short version of their courting is THE REST IS HISTORY… however Veta shared with us that it was not love at first sight, but boy oh boy did he look good in those tight drainpipe jeans! In March 1961, they were married and had four children together, Bernard, Jennifer, Derek and the late Joel. She was most proud of being a Mother, Wife and Grandmother.    

Veta also had the great pleasure and much love for her nine grandchildren, and four great grandchildren. Veta always loved and enjoyed being around all of them and shared many happy memories and times with them all.  Veta often expressed the immense joy and emotion of holding her very first grandchild, her grandson Darren as a magical experience she would never forget.

Veta loved people and always had time for others. She was the true definition of a social butterfly, loving to laugh and have a joke, just cherishing the company of her loved ones and friends. She often spoken her mind and had a very wicked playful sense of humour. She was always very welcoming and an invitation was never needed, for anyone to just knock the front door at 711 and they would soon be offered whatever food she had and a happy , jovial time.

Veta was always a very stylish elegant woman, who loved clothes and to dress up and always took pride in herself and appearance . She was a keen dressmaker in the early days, and would often have made up a new skirt or outfit in the morning, then be happily wearing it later on that same day.

Veta loved music and boy did she love to dance, dance till she sweated! She made the best peas soup in the world and loved to travel and enjoyed seeing/ learning about different cultures and how others lived. Always full of surprises, Veta made the long and steep journey to the top of the Vatican in Rome, a memory she cherished and was most proud of. Veta was also a great negotiator and often bagged some good deals, her savvy negotiation skills have been passed down to her children and grandchildren, who can often be heard negotiating to get a good deal.

Like many others, Veta worked full-time in the chicken farm in Saunderton when she first arrived in High Wycombe in the 60’s. Following the birth of her children, she then did part-time work. She was a cleaner at Spring Garden School and Godstowe Private School. Proud of these roles she was, however, she remained very determined, that she wanted better opportunities for her own children and did everything she could to achieve this.   Her own dream was to become a school Teacher.   Her last job was as a Home Help for Bucks County Council, which she did for 20 years. She really enjoyed caring for the elderly and took a lot of pride and enjoyment from helping them and others in her community.

After retiring, Veta split her time between England and her homeland of St. Vincent. She enjoyed looking after her home and Dalph, but not always having to cook his fresh meals everyday..( Dalph don’t eat leftovers!!!) . She enjoyed basking in the beautiful sunny climate and picnics on the beach. She always cherished spending time with not just her nearest and dearest but family, friends and members of her church community. She embraced and cherished her love and relationship with God and was most happiest ,when she was baptised in this same Union Baptist church we are into today, in 1994. She loved to sing, worship and praise God.

She leaves to mourn her loss, her husband Randolph, son Bernard and his children, Darren, Danielle, Elliott, Ryan, Shianne and Sienna;  daughter Jennifer; son Derek and his children, Mica, Jordan and Grace, and Great grandchildren, Mylee, Theo, Ty and Winter.

Veta will be missed by all her friends and family, we will treasure our memories of her in our hearts forever;

REST IN PEACE VETA, until we meet again.

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