Wendy Susan Phills

Sunrise: 18/7/1967 Sunset: 30/4/2014 | Aged 46

Wendy Susan Phills was born on the 18th of July 1967, the third of five children born to Norma and Raleigh Phills.

She went to school at Oldfield Primary and then on to Brondesbury & Kilburn High school. She went on to study childcare and for a while she worked at John Keble School as a teaching assistant working with children with learning difficulties.

Wendy loved children and children loved her, in return. She loved helping people and as a result of this her house was always filled, her door was always open. Wendy had two daughters, Tamika and Kimone, and one granddaughter, Annaiyah, who she loved unconditionally.

To the children of Beckett’s Close she was known Aunty Wendy, and to us she was mother hen, she had a natural ability to connect with people and was loved by all. If you needed help Wendy would do her best to help you in one way or another, if you needed to talk she was there to listen.Wendy always showed support to her nieces and nephews celebrating their school events and special occasions such as birthday parties, we all know Wendy loved to party.

Wendy was the middle child, and as a result was always in the middle of everything, holding everyone together, she was the glue that kept the family whole She was our EVERYTHING.

ANGELS are sent to us, we don’t know that they are there, and we find them in our lives and give thanks. They are there when we need them. They make you laugh when you feel like crying, they turn a grey day in your life into bright sunshine… They walk amongst us sharing their bright lights, touching our lives taking away the negatives and changing them to positives… without us even knowing, and realising too late. This was WENDY.

Wendy was a bubbly outgoing person who always had a smile on her face. She would light up a room when she walked in. She touched many peoples lives, this is why she will be remembered by us all. We shall miss her very much, the world can little spare the loss of one so fine.

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