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We both have walked the thorny lanes,

Filled with sorrows and pain; We both have laughed off agony together, And we have fought anguish and ache.

I cried on your shoulder every time,

And you have supported me, made me smile; We have shared everything together, Time went by, and it is an enigma!

Long rides, those chilly nights

With thrilling speed and mind-blowing fun,

We had fights too, those silly fights,

Filled with absurd words…

Like you, there will be no other,

You were my only friend, the best!

I have all those funny pictures,

With your sweet and innocent face

Where have you gone now?

I need your shoulder to cry upon,

I am weeping for your loss,

And have no one to console me,

The way you did, my dear friend— Goodbye!


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